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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monterey Pop Festival #3

     In the evening of some day at the festival I found myself in a room with a guy in a white suit and a woman dressed in black leather pants and top. The guy must have been Derrick Taylor an english PR person. I don't know how we got together or why he was there and have no memory of us talking or anything. Then I found myself in a room with the woman in black leather. I now realize she was Nico. There was such a strange vibe. We just stood looking at each other and being in the same room. No words were spoken. That is all I remember about that.
     So Country Joe and The Fish performed on the main stage and on the free stage. I took STP. I saw lots of the acts perform. I had an encounter of the strange kind with Derrick Taylor and Nico. I also found out later that Robin Menken came as a guest of David Cohen. Were they boy friend and girfriend or just friends or what? I don't really know. But she had climbed on the truck as we rolled into Kesar Stadium at the big 1967 war protest that had taken place a bit earlier. So I guess they got to know each other. The main reason I mention it is Robin Menken and I became friends soon after Monterey Pop Festival and got married and had a child born in 1968 I named Seven Ann McDonald. She was my first child and it was my second marriage.
     I remember being in a grocery store in Berkeley a few days after the festival and looking at the oranges and thinking that they really were very, very orange. Then realizing that I was still high from the SPT. It was a very psychedelic experience. The first few days were like being in a giant Monet painting. He painted these large paintings of water lilies. Also a few days after the festival I asked the roadies where my guitars were and they said they did not know. I told Barry Melton about the missing guitars and he simply said no problem. I know where they are. It seemed like Barry's friend Louie was not only a speed freak but a known thief also. Barry and I went over to a house in the Haight Ashbury and he crawled under the house in the crawl space and came out with my guitars. He said here they are just like I thought. So that is how I got them back.


  1. Oh the memories Joe. As I'm sure many others would share, your STP experience sounds very familiar. By the way, Derrick Taylor was the Beatles publicist.

  2. Derek Taylor was also publicist for the Byrds, who were playing the festival.